Afro Deli

Afro Deli

Afro Deli & Catering
1939 S 5th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55454



Sydney and I were looking for somewhere new to try this weekend, and we chose the Afro Deli, in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood in Minneapolis.  I heard about the deli from a number of sources, including a friend we met there, and everyone had nothing but good things to say.

After trying it out for myself, I’d have to say that I agree with “everyone.”  The deli was bright, colorful, and inviting, not to mention the food was spectacular!  I had the Somali Steak Sandwich, Sydney had the Chicken Curry, and our friend had a Lamb Gyro.  We also shared a baklava for dessert.

On their website, there is a video about the Afro Deli, and in the video the owner explains that they pride themselves on the diverse clientele that the Deli attracts.  We certainly witnessed that diversity — the people there were young and old and of many different backgrounds and ethnicities.

The Afro Deli shares a building with the African Development Center, and its profits help support the ADC.

If you find yourself in the Cedar Riverside area, I encourage you to stop in and try something new at the Afro Deli!

For a full menu, click here.


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