Q Fanatic BBQ & Grill

Q FanaticQ Fanatic BBQ and Grill
180 Miller Road
Champlin, MN 55316


This weekend The Husband and I had plans to go see a movie with some friends, and when they suggested going out for BBQ before hand we thought “sure, why not.” Had we known what was in store for our dinner, we would have been more excited. Q Fanatic was fantastic! All four of us had a classic sandwich of pulled meat on a warm bun with BBQ sauce. I had the pulled chicken. It was moist and delicious as it was, but once I added honey BBQ I realized why Q Fanatic was a restaurant we couldn’t skip. It was delicious!

The best part about the basic sandwich was the sides. The menu has an impressive list of side dishes. I ordered the mad n’ cheese (yum…creamy white cheddar heaven) and also tried some corn fritters, which were doughy, warm, and even better dipped in BBQ sauce. I would go back again just to try more sides with my amazing sandwich — grilled veggies with pesto, spicy new potato wedges…it all sounds so good.

The environment was casual and family friendly. We had a great time catching up with friends. It’s fun to share time with the people you love over a great meal. If you’re ever craving a good BBQ, I recommend stopping at Q Fanatic!

See their full menu here! They also cater.




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