Apps for Foodies

There are some great apps out there for those of us who love to cook and love to eat!  I thought I’d share a few with you.

apps for foodies - evernote foodEvernote Food
If you already use Evernote, you know it’s a great way to save and remember just about everything.  But did you know that there is an Evernote app just for food?  Evernote Food allows you to save recipes, record meals you enjoyed, and rate and discover restaurants.  A lot of the recipes I share on this site start out on my Evernote Food app!

apps for foodies - aroundmeAroundMe
I’ve had the AroundMe app for a long time.  True to its name, you use it to find out what’s nearby, from gas stations to movie theaters to coffee shops and restaurants.  I tend to use it to find food.  When I’m out and about in an area I don’t know particularly well, I use AroundMe to find something to eat, whether it’s fast food, coffee, or a nice sit-down restaurant.

apps for foodies - epicuriousEpicurious
The Epicurious app helps you plan out your menu.  You can search recipes by category, such as “Healthy Lunches” or “Weeknight Dinners.”  It even has a built-in shopping list.  This is a great app to use while grocery shopping to make sure you don’t have to make multiple trips to the grocery store!

apps for foodies - shopwellShopWell
This is a great app if you’re trying to eat healthier.  You can use the app’s barcode scanner to scan the foods you currently buy and then the app will give you suggestions for similar, but healthier foods.  It’s also a grocery list, so this is another great app to use at the grocery store.

apps for foodies - digimarcDigimarc Discover
The Digimarc Discover app reads digital watermarks in print and audio products, as well as scans QR codes and barcodes, so you can actually use it for a lot of things.  Cooking Light uses digital watermarks on some of the recipes in the magazine, so you can scan the picture using Digimarc and it will pull up the recipe on  Then you can save the recipe for later!


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