Ramen Noodle Stir Fry

Ramen Noodle Stir Fry


1 package Ramen Noodles
Variety of chopped veggies

  1. Put your veggies in a frying pan with a little vegetable oil.  If using fresh veggies, put hard vegetables such as carrots and celery in by themselves first and add softer vegetables later so they’re all done at the same time.  Stir frequently so they don’t burn, and add more oil or some water as needed.
  2. When the veggies are almost done, start your Ramen Noodles.  When the noodles are done, mix in the flavor packet and let sit for a minute or two.  Then drain out the broth.
  3. Mix the noodles and veggies and EAT!

Like panini sandwiches, this isn’t a meal that needs a recipe.  I love it because it’s quick and easy and I can do something a little different every time.  If I have leftover veggies from a big rice stir fry, I can throw them in the microwave and combine them with noodles; if I need a quick fix, I’ll use a bag of frozen veggies instead of fresh; and of course, I can always just chop up whatever veggies I have in the house.  I hardly ever have to go to the grocery store to make this meal!

Difficulty ✦✧✧✧✧

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