Castle Hill Cider

Screen shot 2014-07-06 at 3.21.16 PM
Castle Hill Cider

6065 Turkey Sag Road
Keswick, VA 22947


Hi there! My name is Hannah and I blog over at Just Bee. I’m honored to have this opportunity to connect with you here at How to Boil Water! Today I’m excited to share one of my recent culinary adventures – a trip to a cidery (yep, you read that right!) here in Virginia!

This adventure took place last Saturday. My husband and I spent the morning at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello (such a lovely place!) and wanted to wrap up our day in western Virginia with something unique and relaxing. I had researched some wineries in the area but nothing particularly caught my eye until I saw the word “cidery.” Although we’d still like to visit a winery someday, we’ve always preferred hard cider over wine so this was the perfect excursion! I was thrilled to find a cidery not too far from Monticello – so, armed with our phone GPS, my beloved camera, and a bit of dehydration from earlier guided tours, we set off to find Castle Hill Cider in Keswick.


Virginia’s rolling hills offered us a stunning backdrop as we took miles of winding backroads. The sun was hot and the white picket fences went on and on in every direction, each boxing in their own quaint farm.


Finally, we arrived. The view as we pulled up nearly took my breath away!

IMG_0335    IMG_0245

IMG_0238   IMG_0248

The tasting included 5 of their cider varieties, and since we love anything that sounds like what you’d have on a picnic in Italy, we ordered a platter of bread and gourmet cheeses too! 🙂


The view out of the window was lovely! They were actually setting up for a (Pinterest-worthy?!) wedding outdoors while we were there!



IMG_0292   IMG_0266

We loved our visit to Castle Hill Cider. Stopping at a cidery was such a sweet and relaxing segue into our evening. I fell in love with the idyllic landscape and the calm setting (and the cider was delicious, too)! I highly recommend checking out a cidery near you!


IMG_0356best love hannah bee jgp


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