A Tasty First

Last weekend was a big weekend for me — I moved!  This was a big move for me…it’s my first place!  I’ve been living at home since I graduated a year ago to save money and get some experience in my chosen career path.  I’ve spent the last few months (the last few years really, if you count kitchen-related Christmas gifts) gathering everything I need, and the last week getting settled in.

a tasty first

It’s been a week of many firsts, and tonight I had another first: my first home-cooked meal in my new place!  Granted, it wasn’t anything fancy, as I don’t have much food in the house yet, but I certainly enjoyed it, even if only because I ate it at my own dining room table with a glass of wine in hand and one of my favorite movies playing in the background.

Just another example of how food so often is involved in making memories!

a tasty first            a tasty first 3

By the way, here’s what I made: whole grain pasta, sautéd zucchini and cherry tomatoes, topped with olive oil, mozzarella cheese, and basil.  Enjoy!


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